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Welcome to the 30 Mile May Challenge. Access a Video of the Challenge HERE. This is for anyone that would like to participate and get outside for some fresh air and benefit the body. Details are below.

Goal: Run or Walk 30 miles

When: May 9 – May 28

Equipment: Phone with distance tracking app and/or activity tracking watch. There are many free apps available.

After each Run or Walk you’ll log your miles - If you're a student and choose OTHER, type your first name and last names initial. Type it the same way each time you enter your miles. Adults choose OTHER and type it anyway you want. Just type it the same way each time you enter your miles.

Overall results during the 30 Mile May Challenge -

Click HERE to learn more on why you should consider running 2 miles a day.

Your health is more important than ever! Working out keeps our hearts and lungs strong, our immune systems in shape and our minds from going stir-crazy.

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