DIS Runners and Walkers

DIS Runners and Walkers was started in 2014 for a way for DIS families to do something fun, different and adventurous together. Each month my family along with whoever would like to join us will run a 5K race around the Metroplex. We try and stay as close to Southlake to limit the amount of travel. On race days we either meet up at DIS and carpool to the race site or just meet at the starting line. Below is our race schedule. Please check it out and if you and your family do sign up for one of the races please include all names on the google document. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

2019-2020 Race Calendar

2019-2020 Race Pics

2018-2019 Race Pics

2016-2017 Race Pics

2015-2016 Race Pics

2014-2015 Race Pics