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  • Bookmark on all electronic devices. Spend some time looking at the information on my homepage and click on a few links to see where they take you.

  • Watch a video HERE that explains the work around on how to fully access

  • The following guides provide an overview to this school year. Both students and parents need to read each document.

2022-2023 Classroom Syllabus

2022-2023 Compacted Math Term Grade Breakdown

2022-2023 Classroom Management Plan

2022-2023 Technology Expectations

Open the 22-23 Google Form and submit that both parents and students have read the 4 documents above.


  • Your first homework assignment for Monday night is below. It allows us to get to know each other a little more this year. DO NOT submit completed copy through Google. I need a physical copy.

2022-2023 Interest Inventory (PDF)

  • Students will be required to have some sort of pass to come to my room in the mornings from 8:00-8:20. Below is a link to a virtual tutorial pass that you simply show on your phone. There are also some paper passes you can print at home to show as well.

2022-2023 Electronic Tutorial Pass

2022-2023 Paper Tutorial Pass

  • I will provide you a copy of these general class guidelines for your composition interactive notebook.

2022-2023 QR Codes for Class and 4 Squared Issue

2022-2023 Three Digit Code, Password Page, Tutorial Pass and Candy Bar Partners